Metro Skateboard Academy offers a variety of skateboarding classes for children ages 4 to 17. Please scroll down to learn more about our classes.


Annual Registration: 20.00 per child
Monthly Tuition: One class/wk 49.00 per child

Beginner 1

In our Beginner 1 classes we cover all of the basics of getting comfortable on a skateboard. First of all, HOW TO FALL, using your pads properly is esential to not getting injured skateboarding so this is always our first lesson; there is a right way to fall and a wrong way to fall, fall right and it doesnt hurt! Then figuring out your stance, kick pushing comfortably, “tic tac” to turn, and kick turns. Once all of those are mastered we start on the lower parts of ramps working their kick turns in to gain speed.

Beginner 2

In Beginner 2 classes you start with one of the first skills needed to advance to the next class, your ollie is a method used to make the board pop up off of flat ground. Once this is skill is learned, it opens the door to virtually all of your street tricks. Also we get ollies to be the master of the mini ramp (3.5 foot halfpipe), rock to fakie, rock n roll, tail stall, and axle stall will all be covered in this class. Once you’ve mastered those it allows you to get more comfortable with grinding, which we don’t quite start until the next level.

Intermediate 1

This class is some of our more advanced students, those who have either been skating for a while or made it through our first two levels. In this class they go a little bit bigger on the mini throwing in five 0 grinds, smith grinds, board slides, and disasters. Though size is more the focus of this class, being more advanced the kids tend to like the bigger ramps and deep end of the bowl. In this class we focus on remastering some of our beginner skills on the bigger 6 foot halfpipe safely, and the bowl as well.

Intermediate 2 

This is one of our most advanced classes, if your a “grinder” then you are competition ready. To qualify for this class you must know every ramp in the park, and can comfortably, safely skate anywhere you go.

*Safety equipment is required for classes – ALL SESSIONS. Equipment rentals are available.

**Tuition is due the first of each month. A 10% late fee will be assessed if not paid by the 5th of the month.

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